BiOMViS Vaccine Platform

BiOMViS OMV platform is based on non-pathogenic E. coli strains which have been genetically modified to release large quantities of OMVs carrying a characterized pool of endogenous proteins.
An armamentarium of different cloning strategies allows the efficient and selective delivery of heterologous antigens/epitopes to the vesicular (OMV) compartment.

Using BiOMViS’ technology the expression of foreign antigens in OMVs is very efficient, antigens typically representing more than 20% of total OMV proteins.

Figure 1 SDS-PAGE analysis of engineered OMVs decorated with different heterologous antigens – E. coli strains featuring hyper-visiculation phenotype were genetically modified using different cloning strategies aimed at delivering foreign antigens to the OMV compartment. Engineered OMVs were purified from the culture supernatants and total OMV proteins were separated by SDS-PAGE. Arrows indicate the protein bands corresponding to the heterologous antigen expressed in each OMV preparation.