BiOMViS has proprietary technologies on the use bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) as vaccine platform.
OMVs are closed spheroid particles released by Gram-negative bacteria in the extracellular milieu. OMVs are particularly attractive as vaccine platform for three main features:
1. they carry potent stimulators (adjuvants) of the immune system
2. they can be efficiently decorated with foreign antigens
3. they can be easily purified from bacterial culture supernatant

The unique properties of OMVs have already been exploited to develop vaccines for human use and OMVs represent a key component of the recently approved anti-Meningococcus B vaccine (Bexero) currently available in Europe and the USA.

BiOMViS has proprietary methods to generate engineered OMVs from genetically modified non-pathogenic Escherichia coli strains. OMVs decorated with different heterologous antigens have been tested in different mouse models of infectious diseases and cancer where they have shown to elicit remarkable protective immune responses.
A main BiOMViS’ objective is to partner with Biotech/Pharma Companies to bring OMV-based personalized cancer vaccines to patients.
BiOMViS is also interested in licensing its OMV platform technology for the development of specific infectious disease vaccines.